Licensees for the ENTAV-INRA® trademark

Why and what are the advantages?

Why join the ENTAV-INRA® trademark?

  • To benefit from French know-how from the leading vitivinicultural research institutes and to have access to the most recently IFV or INRA developed clones and vine varieties.
  • To use the trademark as a label of quality for plant material with dealings with winegrowers.

Who can market ENTAV-INRA® plant material?

Only licensees, vine nurseries having signed a license agreement with the IFV, INRA, and/or ENTAV International shall be authorized to market clones and varietal creations under the trademark in the country of the licensee. Identified as follows:

Chardonnay ENTAV-INRA® clone 548 on SO4 ENTAV-INRA® clone 762

Who can join the ENTAV-INRA® trademark?

All vine nursery professionals can apply for ENTAV-INRA® trademark membership

What is an ENTAV-INRA® license?

By signing the license agreement, a vine nursery shall have access to know-how and shall be able to use the trademark against payment of royalties and an entrance fee.

The licensees are selected to represent the trademark and its products based on a reciprocal confidence pact. The trademark is a marker and guarantees the origin of the vine plants to the nurseries and represents a Made in France quality label for winegrowers.