World leadership





      Health regulations are identical to those applied in France

      The interest of healthy plant material with known performances, backed by a quality label has become a worldwide strategy and a major challenge for foreign nurseries.

      The ENTAV-INRA® trade mark firstly made inroads in European markets and some other countries including Turkey, India, Georgia, Serbia, Moldavia  due to health regulations similar to ours, called non-quarantine countries.

      In order to trace the ENTAV-INRA® trade mark plant material and deal with counterfeits, a strict protocol has been set up in IFV and INRA selection units.  Only pre-propagators, the IFV or INRA, are authorized to market grafted plants and rootstocks in the Base category. Licensed nurseries can market this plant material in a Certified category with the mention ENTAV-INRA®, to local winegrowers.

      Today we have more than 170 licensees in non-quarantine countries throughout Europe, Asia and South America.


      Health regulations are different than those applied in France.

      These so-called countries apply specific domestic health regulations. The clones are firstly introduced into official quarantine stations for 1 or 2 years.

      The material is sent from the Domaine de l’Espiguette in cuttings form to the quarantine stations in these countries.

      As traceability is one of our core values, only (IFV and INRA) selection units are authorized to send cuttings to these countries, which upon receipt will be introduced into a quarantine station. At the end of this period, the plant material is given to our licensed nurseries, who draw up mother blocks, realized by the propagation license. From the grafted plants produced, the licensees will be able to produce plants to be marketed to local winegrowers with the ENTAV-INRA® trade mark. The plants shall then be sold to winegrowers with royalties. Marketing plants is realized by a sales license.

      There are now 18 licensees spread out in the United States, Canada, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.